Hey, I’m Huei Suen

I uncover opportunities and advocate for user-centered design approaches to create value to end-users and businesses.

I am a User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) designer from Singapore with 2 years of design experience. I studied Information Systems and Marketing Analytics, which have equipped me with the business acumen, technical understanding and key metrics for communicating and evaluating UX to create impactful digital products for end-users.

When designing, I believe in asking questions and validating ideas early. I seek to empathise with different perspectives and stakeholders to solve problems. The AGILE sprint has helped me achieve that.

My design philosophy is to strive towards inclusivity and sustainability. I realised the importance of web accessibility while I assisted a PhD researcher in designing a web interface for blind users to evaluate audio descriptions. As the world fully digitalises, having inclusive design enables all users and is important to businesses and their ROI.

Since late 2019, I’ve embarked on a breadth of projects concerning e-commerce, HR technology, web accessibility, and green business. My main experience lies in working in startups and SMEs. I also worked remotely as the sole UX designer during the COVID-19 lockdown period and managed cross-border colleagues to deliver features. The fast-paced culture, cross-functional teams and autonomy is where I thrive and grow.


1. Nutrimaxx Consultancy

Freelance UI/UX and Web Design for small business owner

I designed the website interface and planned the UX copy and content for my client.

Nutrimaxx Consultancy Nutritionist Business

2. Shopee

Competed in Product and Design Challenge 2021

I designed 1) mature product preferences and 2) app navigation tutorial for the Philippines market.

Shopee App mobile user interface user experience design challenge 2021

3. ViScene

Web Interface Research for Blind Evaluators

I hypothesised and developed a screen reader-friendly interface, supporting prior work by Natalie et al.

Blind evaluator web user interface research prototype
Click for interface demo, built with Reactjs.

4. 9cv9

Product & UI/UX Internship

I designed 30+ features over 3 months for 9cv9’s platform that matches eligible candidates to hiring employers.

9cv9 hiring platform web user interface user experience internship

5. EatCO

Project mentored by Barepack.co

I designed an app to locate and assess the eco-friendliness of a dine-in or take-out place.

eco friendly dining and take out mobile app design

More about me

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I care for the environment deeply that at my first-ever UI/UX project, I jumped on the opportunity to marry design and the environment. I practise BYOB and recycling where possible and I am always looking for project opportunities that help to make our environment better!


I express myself through photography where words fail. It helps me to slow down by observing what truly matters. Often, the moments we find ‘ordinary’ are far from that. In 2020, I proudly exhibited my first photography project in the Li Ka Shing Library.


I regulate both my physical health and mental health by running. And yeah, I get Runner’s High! I participate in running events once a year to challenge myself.


I have always loved reading since young! Now, I get to share the books I have read on my book podcast ‘What’s On My Shelf’. It’s a mix of fiction and non-fiction so come and join the club!

Let’s connect!

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