Hey, I'm Huei Suen!

3 years of experience creating B2C and enterprise B2B products

Currently designing for community and sustainability @ abillion!

Passionate about building a community for book lovers and educating about UX!

Case studies

Featured Design Work

Designing global inventory visibility across affiliate companies sharing items

Role: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher

I was the sole designer creating an end-to-end internal platform for the company’s digital transformation from legacy ERP systems to a centralised global inventory for improved productivity for purchase and order processes.

PICKT - Enterprise Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Filtec

Role: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher

I designed a WMS mobile app to digitise warehouse operations i.e. picking process, packing process, putaway process, warehouse transfer and bin location transfer and improved productivity to the company’s incoming and outgoing flow. 

Role: UI/UX Designer

I designed 30+ features over 3 months for 9cv9’s platform that matches eligible candidates to hiring employers. UX Case Study designing the personality feature landing page

Web Interface Research for Blind Evaluators

Role: HCI Researcher

A UX research case about an interface for blind users to evaluate scene descriptions.co-authored two published papers ‘The efficacy of collaborative authoring of video scene descriptions’ and ‘Uncovering patterns in reviewers’ feedback to scene description authors’ for ASSETS ’21: The 23rd International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility.

Nutrimaxx Consultancy

Role: UI/UX Designer, Web Designer, CX Design

I designed and built the business logic, branding and end-to-end user flow of the website for a nutritionist consultant and practitioner client in 1 month. 

My design process

How do I create good design?

1. Start with why

I start by asking, are we solving the right problem? What data do we have or can we get to support our decision? Solving the right problem creates value for the business and the users. To truly be user-centered and avoid mindlessly creating new features, businesses need to harmonise real user needs with business purpose.

2. LEAN framework with Design Thinking

How can we achieve the best with what we have? Constraints are inevitable in most businesses and applying specific parts of the Design Thinking processes can better meet our user needs and business objectives. The LEAN framework of testing early brings clarity at a significantly lower cost.

3. Measure Success to your users and business

Early on, I would ask what does success look like? Is it validating your new product or business idea? Is it increasing conversions or reducing drop offs? Is it increasing accessibility for all users of your current product? Defining what we want to measure needs to be aligned with the user goals and business goals. This also ensures that your investment in design has paid off and continues to reap the benefits even after!


What are your needs and problems?

I need a new website or app/redesign that successfully engages and converts.

I want help with Design Thinking to develop my next idea.

I need an overall assessment of my app or website's.

I want to evaluate the usability of my app/website with an audit.

I need to create new UIs and design systems for a new project that aligns with the brand.

I need to understand what my users are really thinking about my digital experiences.

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