Hello! I am an aspiring product designer based in Singapore. I started my journey in late 2019 while taking a module in Interaction Design. It sparked something in me and I knew this was what I wanted to pursue. Since then, my drive has led me to work on several projects that helped me learn and grow as a designer.

Growing up, I have always been an avid problem solver and idea generator. I enjoy being hands on and creating a solution that the user loves. It fulfills me to deliver meaningful products or functionalities that impact others positively. As a people person, I have a natural ability to connect with users and empathise with their needs. I find that these qualities have been invaluable in my product design experience so far.

My expertise lies in rapid prototyping for startups. I thrive in fast paced environments and ambiguity does not faze me. I work well in teams and as a solo designer. 

EatCO App 2019

Green Innovation: EatCO App Prototype 

This app seeks to promote eating from eco-friendly food places. Users can quickly locate and assess the eco-friendliness of a dine-in or take-out place. It rewards users with store loyalty perks, as a means to encourage and delight both pro-environmental users and non pro-environmental users.

Mentored by: Barepack.co

We reached out to Barepack.co, a zero-waste takeaway service in Singapore who kindly expanded our ideation.

This project was done over a semester in a team of 6. In total, we completed 2 iterations.


I dive into photography and editing when I am free because I am always looking to better my photos. It is a medium for me to express myself and I enjoy the creative process of conceptualising a theme.

That’s not all.

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