Hey, UI/UX beginners!

I started making tiktoks in the middle of 2022 when I was in my first UI/UX role. As a self-taught UI/UX designer, my path into the industry was rather different. What started as an outlet to share more about UI/UX design through my unique path ended up resonating with many of you that we now have a cosy little community of 800+ followers who are passionate about learning more about the field and getting into it.

As I continue to navigate the industry, I share my knowledge from getting started without any background to landing a job, and my thoughts on the gaps between theory and industry practice as bite-sized tiktoks.

I hope my story inspires you to go after what you’re passionate about despite where you may be right now. For the rest of 2023, I am doing 1:1 design chats (it’s free) to help out anyone who find themselves needing some help or hope navigating their own journey. 🙂

Huei Suen

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Who is it for?
✅ Anyone self-learning UI/UX (that’s how I started!)
✅ Anyone doing a mid-career switch into UI/UX
✅ Anyone trying to land a role in UI/UX
✅ Anyone in school wanting to learn more about the field